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Business Intelligence and Big Data

Business Intelligence & Big Data

Know more in near real-time!

Today’s business is driven by information. Business Intelligence solutions and data analysis/discovery with a Big Data approach are basics for delivering information to build and govern sustainable digital business models, thus making fast responses to market changes possible.

In general, these Business Intelligence projects are a part of long-term programs, thus requiring management and governance processes to ensure sustainability. We support you in the implementation of organizational units for the necessary governance tasks.

Business Information Management leads to better data quality and thus, to positive consequences for the entire company:

  • Higher confidence in decision making processes
  • Faster decisions in order to seize new business opportunities
  • A stable data base for planning and data analysis

OPITZ CONSULTING delivers a wide range of services to ensure successful BI and Big Data solutions throughout the complete lifecycle. As a leading technology partner of Oracle we are certified for BI and Big Data. Our solutions cover all aspects of data warehousing structures, business intelligence, data quality, enterprise performance management and enterprise reporting.

About us

OPITZ CONSULTING is a leading German specialist for custom-build applications and the digital transformation.

Digitalization & IoT

The digitalization of new business are key drivers for new IT systems and the transformation of existing business models. OPITZ CONSULITNG delivers a wide range services with a strong focus on the Internet of Things.

Big Data, Business Intelligence and Internet of Things

Understanding the Past to Predict the Future

Internet of Things, Big Data and Business Intelligence are interesting for themselves as they promise deeper insides and therefore lead to better business decisions. But they have one important thing in common – all three of them are about data. Therefore, it is not really surprising that especially their combination leads to the use of their full potential.

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Cooperation of Oracle experts

We are part of the Red Expert Alliance

The Red Expert Alliance is an open and collaborative cooperation among expert teams to help our customers gain the maximum return on their investment in Oracle Technology. Along with other well-known experts we actively work together, share experience, generate knowledge. 

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