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BPM, SOA and Integration

BPM, SOA & Integration

Be agile and reuse your capabilities!

Application integration and process automation are on the TOP 5 topics list of CIOs. Further on digitalization and cloud based solutions drive the need for integration and optimization of business process with the help of hybrid integration architectures.

OPITZ CONSULITNG delivers a wide range of services to ensure successful integration of systems and optimization/automation of business processes with the help of BPM and SOA. We concentrate on a service oriented approach for application architecture, as well as a methodology for data, application or process integration.

SOA and Integration improve the long-term investment of your IT applications:

  • Increase reaction time for necessary change by using proven SOA concepts and common standards
  • Protect previous investments by targeting on the encapsulation of legacy applications
  • Early recognition and avoidance of the effects of mistakes by effectively controlling applications by means of the infrastructure and business monitoring
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs by the use of industrialization and standardization of development, testing and change management
  • Aligning SOA initiatives professionally by using an integrated methodology for professional and technical Business Process Management
  • Effectively and individually implement service orientation: by the identification, categorization and implementation of services from your company specific processes

We would be glad to discuss individual models of cooperation. In close collaboration with our customers we define a service package based on your needs and requirements.

About us

OPITZ CONSULTING is a leading German specialist for custom-build applications and the digital transformation.

Digitalization & IoT

The digitalization of new business are key drivers for new IT systems and the transformation of existing business models. OPITZ CONSULITNG delivers a wide range services with a strong focus on the Internet of Things.

Adaptive Case Management

Ontology-based ACM – The Need for Truly Adaptive Systems

Adaptive Case Management is ultimately about allowing knowledge workers to work the way that they want to and provide them with the tools and information they need to do so effectively. In his book chapter our well-known BPM expert Torsten Winterberg used the Mars Curiosity as an entertaining, but highly enlightening example and takes you on an exploration of how to adapt to the unexpected – including a Little Green Man.

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Cooperation of Oracle experts

We are part of the Red Expert Alliance

The Red Expert Alliance is an open and collaborative cooperation among expert teams to help our customers gain the maximum return on their investment in Oracle Technology. Along with other well-known experts we actively work together, share experience, generate knowledge. 

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