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Application Development

Application Development

Be different, be customer centric!

Today Digitalization and differentiation are drivers for custom-build applications and support new business models or the modernization of existing business models. OPITZ CONSULITNG delivers a wide range of services covering all aspects of design, implementation and services including application modernization as building block for flexible, agile application architectures to support the digital transformation.

Digitalization with new business models and modernization of existing legacy systems are today drivers for custom-build applications. OPITZ CONSULITNG delivers a wide range of services covering the complete Application Lifecycle Management (OC|ALM®) to ensure the value delivered by the applications. We provide efficient custom-build IT solutions improving and securing the specific competitive advantage of our clients. In our projects, we use state-of-the-art methodology and tools. We emphasize on agile project management approaches, which we customize to the specific needs of our clients. We ensure the success of our projects through high quality project management and quality management.

The main benefits through custom-build solutions and an application lifecycle management are:

  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs through secure investment structures
  • Expandability and adaptability
  • Faster time-to-market in order to achieve ROI as soon as possible

We have aligned our services to the demands of the market of custom-build application development. Our application development is based on a "mobile-first" and customer centric (CX) strategy ensuring usability of all applications on different devices by a responsive design. These projects need specific competences in both design and implementation of the solution. We are happy to provide references and show you solution scenarios. 

About us

OPITZ CONSULTING is a leading German specialist for custom-build applications and the digital transformation.

Digitalization & IoT

The digitalization of new business are key drivers for new IT systems and the transformation of existing business models. OPITZ CONSULITNG delivers a wide range services with a strong focus on the Internet of Things.


Beyond Java

Our java expert Stephan Rauh admits to be promiscuous concerning to programming languages. He tries to choose the language suitable to the task at hand. And he finds that all right. Programming is much fun for him and so he decided to dedicate his blog to programmers who share his excitement. So you can read various posts around programming languages in his blog "Beyond Java".

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Cooperation of Oracle experts

We are part of the Red Expert Alliance

The Red Expert Alliance is an open and collaborative cooperation among expert teams to help our customers gain the maximum return on their investment in Oracle Technology. Along with other well-known experts we actively work together, share experience, generate knowledge. 

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